Sunday, December 14, 2008

no pretty pix

My house is so sad. My kids are too young to know how little decorating was done this season. But the 15 totes of Christmas decorations that are not coming down from the attic know.

I usually decorate every inch of my house. Take down all my other decorations and replace with the holiday ones. I must admit defeat. The entry to the attic at this house is impossible. The only one who can navigate it is Vince, and since he's graduating from college next week :D he's been a bit too busy to ask! So busy that the poor kid turned 22 on Pearl Harbor day and we still haven't been able to get together and so much as blow out a candle.

In early November, my husband's employer gave 60 days notice that they were closing down their US operations. And 9,200 people were losing their jobs. Merry Christmas. Forget about the 18 years of service by DH. It's over. I'm not bitter. We saw it coming since spring and planned somethings accordingly - we didn't replace the mini-van after my accident, I started working on weekends to transition the family to me not being there for their every whim 24/7! So, until January I will be working a 45 week desk job with some really intimidating factors - such as if you are of Chinese descent, working in the US on a VISA, and a Canadian national, what do you need to travel to China for work? A trip to the consulate in DC? A bunch of forms that must be perfect??? Yep. AND I can't stick my part-time weekend coworkers and give notice going into the holiday madness. So, I'm working 7 days a week until January. God help me.

And I'm more that a bit afraid. DH is anxious to start collecting his unemployment checks and have some time off. And I have never, ever been married to someone who was unemployed even for a minute so, WTH?

I blew the cobwebs off of my resume and cranked out a cover letter using the remaining creative skills. And got hired within one week, at a company one mile from my home. :D I'm obviously more than just a glue stick wielding, dog walking, kid chauffeuring, volunteering type a gal.

So, I'll be trapped in my new office trying not to read pretty blogs. And feeling sad that my kids will be reduced to the ubiquitous studio print on my desk. And my Christmas decorations will be banished for another year.

If I can pull it all together, I may be able to get the girls pix this morning in their holiday jammies. Stay tuned...

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