Saturday, September 19, 2009

life outside blogs

Yep, there is life beyond carefully and artistically gorgeous blogs. In my 10 months of employment, I've met many very nice people who I can guarantee have never published witty stories about and pictures of their dogs, dishes, grandmother's china... they all think Facebook and social networking are IT. Blah. If I wanted people to contact me IRL, I wouldn't have an unlisted phone number.

When I quit blogging, I went cold turkey and deleted my blog favorites, and even blocked my own from view. No tempting fate and the desire to make, create, or do something that didn't involve the ability to organize office supplies, edit verbose reports, and schedule flights to exotic places that I thankfully never want to go to. Instead, my spirit was lifted every day when I would take off my heels, support garment, and check out the snarkiness of the following sites and quit biting my tongue from the absolute politically correct and bizarrely quit of my current workplace. Seriously, sterile and serene. No, tight and controlled in a very passive way. But, not a bad place in any work environment way. Just not my home full of good kitsch, and all my carefully chosen stuff...

Any how, you've probably BTDT, but in case you haven't...

Liv just interrupted this for me to help her make a warning sign for her bedroom:

Don't NOT exturb me!

Thursday, September 17, 2009



It's just me. Coming back to write about silly little things again. I just perused my old pix and stuff and I love all the memories of my kiddos that I was able to capture. I miss it as much as I miss the amount of time I'm able to spend with them these days. But, I'm over dwelling on it. I'm ready to continue our silly little stories if only for me to read. No more challenges and all that stuff. Blogging can be so cut-throat. Everyone always seemed to be one upping each other. At least in my mind. :) And this is my mind, so I will carry on! (Tim Gunn - I love ya man! we have a hot date tonight)

Back to reality...where your heroine left off - bitter and angry over my diminished capacity of stay at home to office gal. The shoes are my favorite part. And I think what happens when stuck in an office for so long is that you don't realize you're stuck there after a while. :( makes me sad but I think I'm there. Of course, now that the girls are back in school I'm not missing them so much. They're off doing there thing and so am I. Like keeps moving like this. Like sand slipping through my fingers. Which reminds me. I'll be on the beach in 2 weeks. Heaven help me. Sitting on my ass all day hasn't helped the 50 lbs melt from my body. My typing skills are amazing these days. That's me trying to look for the positive. yeah that's me. wink wink.

Why did I return here after deleting all my favorite blog

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