Sunday, September 4, 2011

so busy, not sew busy

I am busy. We all are. So busy that I haven't been sewing much or creating much. It makes me sad when I visit all of your pretty blogs and don't have much to offer here in return. It's a good thing though. I got a promotion in real life that I didn't expect and I'm not anticipating much down time in the next few months... school started last week for my gals (anyone who was here way back when this whole blog started - my girls are in 3rd and 5th grades - can you imagine!) and this all means homework (!), dance classes for 2, fall softball x 2, a vacation next month that we've been dreaming of for years... and I may need to tuck a trip to Fance in here somewhere... so, since I can't show you much in creative sew projects - here are some pictures from my last trip... starting at the end - at least something to make your stop here worthwhile!

CDG departing Charles de Gaulle Airport is so much better than arriving. it should be the opposite. I always arrive with a sense of letdown - it is not welcoming and pretty blah after the 9 hour flight, smelly if I must tell and it is a marathon of suitcases and ramps, doors which seem to go to nowhere, the automated voice announcing I can hear for days later. But for the departure it all gloriousness - shops, spacious, airy, the perfect setting for a modern day romance... I think that's why it is so much better when you're leaving - so you want to return!

Shops with pastries and really expensive stuff, of course! This architecture is the store front of a bridal boutique I window shopped, after dinner one evening. Many in the quaint village are caged up at night and you can't spy a glimpse.

Not faux paint treatments.

Love the scroll work.

My co-workers are always amazed at my attention to the littlest details and interest in these things! A cafe for an evening meal, I think we were finished by 11pm on a work night - yawn!

Everything is slightly different and unique - even the attention to the cutlery.

And shopping for accessories is a huge hobby of mine! The Parisian women have such a flair - one scarf or brooch, effortless, not gawdy or overdone - just right. This is a little boutique that had a great variety. Scarves and pretties.And fabric covered bead necklaces - remind me of the ones from the 80s but with the fabrics make them so current. Lots of silk flower pins, raw edges

And the rest of the pic are from an eclectic boutique. I showed some of their very modern stuff on a post a few months ago - here are a few more random.

Not the linen, lavender I was expecting - much more modern! I do love these fabrics...

Odd, odd, odd pairings and displays...

The end. (For now - more when time permits - hopefully before 2012!)

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