Monday, April 23, 2012

3 beading girls

My little girls are not so little.  Not surprising they have decided that I'm not the only one who can create beaded fabric pieces for projects.  They are quite deft with the super sharp and tiny beading needles (touch wood!) and I haven't entrusted them with the task of threading their own needles so I now have that thankless task for all of us.  Our most recent projects - I'm handbeading a mid century scrap of barkcloth with roses, Olivia choose the fun floal and Cathrynn went for the geometric.  They are having such fun and are so proud. It's a nice quiet moment and the TV isn't blaring and they aren't doing cartwheels and hitting each other.  I don't know their intentions but mine is going to be a pocket on a tote or purse, or pillow - something!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

hand beading

It always make me laugh when I'm sewing away somewhere waiting for my kids and people ask me if I hem pants. Nope. I have my needle and thread out for purely creative purposes and am not interested in that type of thing. I get to play with really cool Loom fabrics and trim (love the chairs!) and then free-style bead whatever my heart desires. Love it!

What I don't love is when my desk looks like this after a really creative spell. Not to worry though - because I love to reorganize my crafty stuff almost as much as I like to buy it. Almost ;)

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