Thursday, July 31, 2008

Queen Anne's Lace

I've noticed that I can't take a camera on our walks anymore. A wild puggle keeps both my hands busy. So these pictures are my girls last summer at Dana's house picking Queen Anne's lace. We'd better get our butts up there or the birds will have finished off the blackberries!

Here's a batch we picked on today's walk, and watched three tiny does munching their dinner. We were in awe and Skippy never noticed them as they were about 30 feet away so he didn't scare them off. At home, we conducted an experiment. I've never dyed flowers in the days of Wilton gel dyes, but the water turned gorgeous hues - they're hoping the flowers will be just as bright. I like mine au natural in a messy bunch.
Did you read about Karla's husband bringing her a bouquet of it into a restaurant for her... now that's a scene from a romantic movie, dont'cha think???

Project Runway

To a middle aged wannabe seamstress - there's nothing more exciting that whipping up a little twirly skirt and watching Project Runway. Can you imagine that Jerell whipped up this beauty? I think it didn't make the top cut b/c it's more red carpet or night at the opera than the New York night life vibe they were after.

Btw, no one stands out for me so far as exceptional - I may venture and post my favorite 3 and see how they do, starting next week when I've had time to properly analyze the contestants, lol! A few are just so strange, talk about wannabes of season's past!
Here's what I was inspired to do... straight forward madras meets an urban floral. You can't really see but the middle tier fabric has a slight greyish grunge to it, distressed like a great piece of scrapbook paper. I believe it's by Tracy Porter and I bought the lone yard on the clearance bolt at Joanns. Speaking of my gal pal Joann, drum roll please... I am officially employed as a part timer at Joanns. Weekends and minimum wage, with additional discount. The DH thinks it'll be nice for us both. I'm thinking how cool it will be to mentally shop while I'm getting paid and he's "watching" our kids. By the time I'm done my girls will have every item they own embellished. Here's a pair a Cathrynn's capris that she tore the knees. I cut them off and made her some fancy shorts. To quote my friend Mel, "holy rick-rack!"

Monday, July 28, 2008


I went with friends recently to an antique mall, certain that the petite French Provincial desk that had been painted glossy white with hot pink trim would be there waiting for me. It was unique (to say the least!) and a bargain for Olivia's tiny room and her youthful color scheme - we're doing butterflies, stripes, lavender, yellow and pink... it would be perfect!Nope - it was gone! But, the decorating fairies were with us. Cathrynn's room redo has stripes of chocolate, light aqua and pale pink. Pale polka dot sheets and stenciled brown daisies.

This kidney shaped desk/vanity is perfect for Cathrynn's room! And it's painted just a shade brighter than the wall color. At another booth, we spotted the chair, which has a brown checked fabric! And it was painted the same yummy color.
IMO, it's trendy but not over the top like her request for neon animal print and faux fur with pleather trim. I'm not kidding - no more accompanying me to Joann's - she was all over the dance apparel fabrics!!! YIKES! Who's kid is this?? On a solo trip I found this great silk shantung with embroidered roses in brown and pink... yum! She loved it once I got it all put together...
Desk = $19.95
Chair = $12.00
Not having to paint 'em = Priceless!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

a little laughter to share...

"I'm grow'd up.
Wanta know how I know?
'Cause I don't watch Mr. Roberts and the Muffins anymore."

Olivia, age 5

Have you ever noticed

that painting is never ending? I feel like I'm doing the Golden Gate bridge here. I started in the family room. And then realized that the hallway nearby really needed painted. And all the walls in the dining room needed refreshed. And then, I finally finished the wall in the living room. Started over a year ago and I ran out of paint and momentum.
And I started up the the stairs. And realized that the H (nope, no DH, he's just the H these days) has misplaced my extension pole to paint the ceiling there. The man has everything he's ever touched, but can't locate something that's 4 feet long. Whatever.
So, I moved upstairs. After doing a switch-a-roo of all the bedrooms a couple months ago, I decided to tackle Cathrynn's room. She wants to have play dates over and frankly, the room was more shabby than chic. Or as we like to call it, Shabby Shit. Inspired by a picture someone posted on a message board I frequent, I decided to paint stripes. Because I'm an idiot. And hate measuring. She's young enough not to have noticed (yet!)and there's some sway to those lines and a lot of touch ups to do.For now, it's like a yummy bowl of Neopolitan ice cream, with a cool stripe of pale aqua & brown daisy ribbon. I still have to paint the centers of the daisies a bright pink. And the dresser and desk while probably go the obvious antique white. Of course, all the crap from her room is piled high in the closet and hallway, but this is the closest to clean it'll be - so I went for the photo opp. And the drapes - gorgeous pink and brown roses embroidered on silk shantung for $3.00 from Joanns! I love the red tag 50% sale!! Still no comforter or quilt, but I'm, on the hunt. This brown/pink/aqua thing is still happening if you believe what Target's selling. So, I may be slacking in Blog land, but I'm quite busy at home, regardless as to what you've heard otherwise...

Your paint splattered friend,

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

my girls of summer

Yeah, it's really blurry.
(it's my cell phone video feature after all!)

But you get it.
My girls are swinging, soaring, flying...
It seems just yesterday I was being begged
to push them higher and higher.
Now we're off to play UNO on the patio,
watching the fireflies and avoiding those mosquitoes.
These are the golden days of summer, huh?
Hoping yours is just as golden...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

family room re-do!

What a huge difference paint can make. When we moved in 1 1/2 years ago, the entire house was flat white paint. Blah. Well, except for the bathrooms which were neon shades of high gloss. That's another post. I tackled the worst offenders and some how thought I could live with the family room as is. It was always depressing. Two different floral sofas ended up at the curb. They were well loved and used, but just made the room look even worse. The room's long and narrow. And directly beside the living room. Weird layout and placement.

I was almost ready to call in a professional for a consultant when I got inspired by the new (to me!) elegant sofa. Not what I was looking for but the price was right. I love the color. And then one day a living room throw pillow ended up there and viola! I decided to do in rich creamy, elegant champagne shades of taupe and beige with a really awesome light aqua. A brain storming session with Dana - small bits of chocolate brown accents! Wahooooo! I'm on my way!

This $2.00 thrift store oil painting has been a huge part of the room. Of course I love it as is - no frame. It's so calm and peaceful. I think it'll go right over the computer desk so when I'm stressing here - I get an instant vacation.

I went a few steps outside of my comfort zone and made a bunch of throw pillow. Mainly for the girls to lounge on in their corner (as they're doing at this very moment). I want you to know how hard it was not to use a floral. To use geometric patterns, oh my. But I'm loving the pops of texture and pattern. The best part - all this fabric is from the upholstery books I rescued from a a store going out of business! Up-cycled into new throw pillows. Love it. Can't wait to find the perfect coffee table to anchor it all together. And for the chair Dana's going to do for me.

Now we're in here - and it's a soothing, calm experience. Well, except at the moment as the DDs are beating the crap out of each other...gotta run.

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