Sunday, February 17, 2013

thift store score!

It was a weekend of relatively no crafting, no new sewing projects, no cleaning and not even laundry, if I do tell on myself!  But I did treat myself to a trip to Pat Catans and the thrift store next door, and hit the mother load of thread.  Obviously, someone had purchased a bit more than they needed, wink wink.  I can sooooo relate.  Although, I am always buying fabric, trims, beads and baubles, and loathe having to buy thread at $3+ a spool. So, to find all this - and not old musty, musky, smelly or dryrotted - it was an exceptional day!  And, drum roll please - the whole lot was 5 bags at $3.99 each! Oh happy day! 
 And, I noticed that my next post will be my 300th blog post!  It may seem incredible since I spread it over the last six years - but none the less - I shall celebrate and have a GIVE AWAY of a handmade purse.  All you'll have to do is post here or on my new Facebook page. Tell a friend!  The more the merrier!
 It is the perfect way to kick-off the next phase of my sewing and crafting!

 That's all for now... I should do some of my neglected household chores, but instead I shall watch episode 7 of Downton Abbey and ignore the mess! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

aqua, pink, black & white

 Last summer we redid a few rooms here in my cozy condo cottage.  I loved what the girls decided on... they share a room here so I wanted them to have unique but coordinating linens and accessories.  I'll share the rest of the details another day... but you can see where the color scheme for this carpet-bag/purse came from!  
this purse has lots and lots of hand beading in many types of beads and baubles.    
On scuptured pink velvet with light aqua silk shantung that is torn for added texture...  and with my favorite vine stitch!
like I did for the huge C for Cathrynn... can't wait to share the finished project soon! 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

torn & tattered

 that's how I feel these days.  My creative process is quite simple - I do pull out WAY too much stuff in complimentary shades and textures and make something pretty that I like.  And then, I move on to another color scheme.  It would, of course, make sense to make a bunch of things with all the stuff I have strewn about, but that just isn't me...! So, last week, when I was at the sewing machine with a "what to do?" look, my darling Cathrynn mentioned how much she loved a technique that I did on a purse I'd made for Loom a few months back (blue peacock and abstract pic).  What I loved about that was the texture that was created when I hand tore the nice weight fabric.  So, I got busy.  And then, at the very end found the perfect piece of eye-candy - this vintage brooch.  I L.O.V.E. the whole thing - the simplicity of it, how it is simple but dressy, romantic but not fussy.  Available now on etsy if you are interested.  thanks for the visit!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I have been gifted!

I was told to prepare for a package of healthy food (I was thinking kale, flaxseed...) to help with healthy eating.  Had I known this was waiting in my mailbox instead, I would have skipped waddled  down there and hugged stalked the mail woman.
My dear friend, Darlie, Libby...(or whatever alias she is going by these days) knew I have been having a lot of family issues lately, and really - I am feeling that middle-age thing - questioning my own life decisions and having both parents AND kids need me.

  And she sent this FAB-U-LOUS gift box full of niceties just for me

And, this B-eautiful barkcloth,
that you will surely be seeing more of soon.
What is incredible is that my friend (let's call her Superwoman!) took the time out of her life to think of me.  I am humbled and thankful for her.  Darlie is a nurse.  I am amazed that anyone does the jobs that nurses do, with the hours they work, and the limited days off, and let's face it - I doubt many of us would do a nurses job for ANY amount of money.   
And what is also so incredible is that Darlie is taking care of her sister, whom I shall refer to as Grace Kelly - because, truly Kelly is that beautiful inside and out, in her fight for her life.  I wish I could give Darlie a shout out her in the blog world because she usually had a blog (or 2!) going with funny snippets from her life in the gorgeous periwinkle (I swear!) cottage, whimsical artwork, stunning garden, animal rescues...but I know she stops by here on occasion, so...thanks Darlie   

Saturday, February 2, 2013

'Tis a winter weekend at home...

and I am reveling in Downton Abbey .  I have to say that I am in awe and can't believe that I never watched this series.  I generally sew and watch TV.  And barely glance at the TV.  But, I can't do both. I am glued. Mesmerized.  And talking to my cat in a faux English accent...

Pretty in pink...

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