Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Strawberry Fields & Lemon Chiffon

As fresh as a picnic in the park! It's a sweet halter style again. I love the red & yellow combo.
I loved the tiniest bit of yellow on this faded aqua tablecloth. A ruffle of pale lemon yellow dotted swiss hem & shoulder ties add a flirty & an unexpected twist. I may add a few buttons this morning while watching Liv at dance.
And I've decided that a digital camera should be part of my contribution to the economic stimulus, dont'cha think!! The hubby will be forced to look at my blurry, grainy photos until he agrees, lol!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Capri & Halter Sets

There are talks of a few of us doing an outdoor craft festival in June. And Dana is hoping to be opening the doors to Doe Hill Decor in the next few weeks. So, I'm a busy making my sewing machine hum and making the rounds in search of vintage fabrics, pins & buttons. It was time to branch out from the size 6-6x that I'd perfected since my girls are those sizes & I can make them try. I was eyeing up a toddler at the store today trying to see if this number was about her size. It started as a 3T but I do all French seams for comfort and it's looking more 2T. This Ralph Lauren fabric is every fabulous color - pale aqua, rich & dusty roses... I paired it with lots of eyelet and trim from an old house dress. And this is my take on the pillowcase fashion statement. Fabulous five inch eyelet trimmed a pillowcase. And now in fun on these capris - size 5T this time. Not red, not red-orange. Just my cell phone camera screwing up the color. This is really a vibrant orange and yellow number. Someone tell me I'll stop regretting that $25 piece of fabric at the antique show yesterday. Waaaaaaaa. I want it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to my baby!

Liv is officially five. If you believe the hype her parents are feeding her - she's on the fast track to improved behavior and no more tantrums. She is allowed to sit on the table, but just for this photo!
It does seem a tad redundant to the DH that we're giving gift bags to kids who are also getting a new Build-a-Bear or Doll. I went with a summer theme and no little junky stuff. Notice that I differentiated between junky and junque, lol! Target has these adorable little clay pots & tins with seed kits. Add bubbles, gum, an ice cream bowl & spoon, seed packets and I think it'll all look charming on the table.

She invited a few neighbor kiddos. The family party with Vincey, Caitlin & grandparents will be on Saturday.

Happy Birthday my baby girl!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More of the same...

Nice sturdy old basket needs a fresh coat of paint,
this ribbon is the perfect green, vintage ivory crepe paper,
the green boot will be playful holding some tools in the craft room, the rose dish - well, I have a bunch that are similar -
this one will be full of baubles or clutter in no time, pillow cases to make dresses and a tiny bit of an unusual old barkcloth with purple roses. The old relative cards were a steal for $1 each - the girls have the most amazing eyes and hair, and the two rather sturdy & stern ladies - I see a funny girlfriend card happening there!

Nothing I really had to have, but I bought it all none the less, lol!
The pickings were slim & Liv had to go. But I had my fix!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sewing for my Sanity

Do you have an escape? At the moment, mine is sewing.
No pressure, no co-workers, no-deadlines. Wish I could say no whining, fighting, sick kiddos,
but that's what I do have, in stereo, l-o-u-d and clear.
And of course, no paycheck either! The bright blue floral is going to be for sale, either at a craft show that Dana & I are considering, or at her new store, or if I can get better pix, maybe ebay or etsy. I just can't seem to find my niche to sell my stuff, kwim? Edited to add: When I'm sitting watching the girls at dance for a few hours a week, I know the moms are all over my stuff. Perhaps a trunk sale is my venue - literally - I can see me decorating the back of my husband's tank of a conversion van. I'll replace the sensible blinds with floral swags - there's plenty of room for a little ladies fitting room in there. Oh my goodness, he'd kill me, lol!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thrifting Impossible

My mission: $50 in my pocket. A large outdoor flea market with my bff, Dana. Mission: Cover as much ground as I could before the DH and DDs arrived. Luckily we moved quickly as Cathrynn arrived with a nasty headache and fever from a booster shot the night before, and Frank with his usual attitude about me & money ("what you spent $50 in 4 hours???") #$@* MEN! but he still managed to snatch the ugliest dog in 2 states for a mere $100. A dog that can bark for 8 hours straight. Anyways, it was dollar days for me! I love to see vendors with boxes of all junque piled high and signs that advertise only $1. My favorite scores: the powder blue tole painted music box and powder puff (I have my Gram's and thrilled to find another!). A hunter green canvas purse with an ice-cube style Lucite clasp. A tin of sewing notions with rhinestone buttons buried in the bottom. A book of Etiquette (a hoot for me and Dana as I once had a date correct me for pronouncing it "etaquit"). And 10 vintage dresses for $1 each!
I'm not a doll collector but she was $1 and still in her box. It was all mangled and her dress and lace are all gray. A bath is pending. These pins weren't exactly a bargain at 4 for $15, but I loved the size and colors...

Junque in my Trunk Swap Loot!

What a delight to open a beautiful box and find all these pretties!!!!!

Little bits of bliss! My partner, Heidi, was so thoughtful at putting together my package - even including all the makings of a vintage tote in shades of navy & white. I was thrilled at all the sewing notions. If I'd have had time I'd have already put this great ribbon trim on a dress for my girls! The pictures above are hers, that I lifted from Flickr to show the precious little details. My pictures are below and the lighting was awful and they just don't do justice to so many dainty details! I love vintage papers and was delighted to get my hands on a new stash - including some of the prettiest vintage wallpaper! I may be scanning that to use in many, many projects. The 1st Communion picture and exquisite frames - if I'd have had time I'd have made a card for my niece's 1st Communion yesterday! Two vintage post cards show the incredible architecture of the Monastery of Guadalupe - I see these framed in my bedroom very soon. And the tiny silver box will be at home on my dresser...

This swap has been such a delight! Thanks Heidi!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vintage Style Halter Dresses

I may never make another tote. I love these. Using the vintage fabrics and making the dresses a bit retro with the halter back... very garden party. So happy my girls are still young enough to wear stuff like this without resisting.This didn't photograph as well as I'd have liked... but for an updated/retro feel and to give this baby some serious flouncing/twirling power - I used vintage hem tape on the outside of the bottom hem.
Now, off to clean and do laundry - the weather promises to be beautiful tomorrow and I plan to go to a big outdoor flea market tomorrow and would like to go guilt free!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Junque in my Trunk Swap

The contents that went to my partner, Heidi (the first two pictures she took) . She loves crusty architectural pieces and I noticed that birds & button cards feature prominently in her art - so I was pleased to add to her stash! The handmade sachets were from old pillowcase edges and filled with lavender.

Monday, April 14, 2008

halter dresses

My model wouldn't stand excuse the blurry pictures and all that... I made this halter dress by altering a shirt pattern and adding the bottom tier. Not bad for a first attempt. I need to redo the neckline for the puckers. And use a MUCH smaller needle, I'm so used to working with upholstery fabrics that I'm clueless when it comes to this pretty old cotton... Based on the pattern, it was probably intended for tablecloths, don't ya think? And I lined it with an old pillowcase for cool, cotton comfort. I may whip up a batch to keep and sell. I have a bunch of old sheets and pillowcases that would be charming. Stay tuned.This baby is made from one of most favorite tablecloths of all time, that I once used as a paint drop cloth. Which begs the question WTH was I thinking?? Of course, I only got paint on the reverse, like that would okay. It's a lovely shade of warm taupe from Ralph Lauren that I painted my dining room in my last house. Btw, do I own an iron? Yeah, so why can't I just give a quick press to my final project so they look less like rumpled old fabrics?? And you may notice that I squared the neckline in this version. That's how I deal with pucker. Avoid those pesky cruves. Seamstress, not a chance. Crafter, yeah. I'm all about getting to the finished project and less about the details. Another character flaw revealed.

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