Sunday, December 23, 2007

My most favorite Christmas Dress

In a moment of ebay craziness, I paid $22 a yard for this Christmas fabric. Yep, I won't pay more than $3-4 a yard at Joanns w/a coupon, but this was just a gotta-have-it moment. I was afraid to cut it! The finished product made me & Liv happy. The buttonholes were done last minute - I almost safety pinned it together! And not as neat as I'd have liked, but it looked adorable. Some day, Liv will say - "hey, is that fringe from an old bedspread?"

Guilty as charged.

And if I have time, she might get a pillow from the same fabrics!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Lemon Poundcakes

Blackberry Almond Tarts

I wish I could send you all one of these tasty treats. They are one of my all time favorites - the flavors - a hint of cinnamon, lemon, perhaps - I can't disclose that - the recipe is one of my best kept secrets! Ground almonds in a sugar cookie crust, and seedless blackberry jam. I usually make these in my spring form pan, but one is missing (Dana do you have it there from a cheesecake I brought up?) and another is missing the bottom. So, I used 3 of my small ones and my heart pan. Can you tell how happy I am with this change in tradition? Yep, I'll be doing that again.

I'm sending them to school with Cathrynn, along with my mini lemon pound cake. From another message board I've learned that teachers don't especially like gifts of baked goods and even worse, apple themed stuff, but the gift basket Cathrynn bought has a cool ruler framed magnetic board and apple magnets, she loves it and can't wait to give it to Miss H tomorrow. And that's what the season is all about, huh?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas Kitchen

I love the whimsy you can slide in at the holidays - aprons with kittens and bells - you betcha! Tie them to the kitchen chairs to enjoy all day. I'm starching some red&white doilies that my Gramm crocheted for me last year. I've decided to string them together as a cheerful garland in the kitchen.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Past

These remind me of so much folksy/artsy stuff I see on blogs & etsy. They're one step away from being donated to the Vets.

I just can't keep all my parents' old Christmas stuff. There I said it, even I have my limit. And I'd rather have a box of someone else's old & chippy Shiny & Brites than these family heirlooms. I contemplated adding another tree just for them. But seriously, 9 (or is it 10?) trees is enough even for me.

So these 24 Partridges & an Angel are offered for a very short time on ebay, if they don't sell in the next 11 hours and 11 minutes I'll be sending them off to do their holiday duties.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

my sorrow

I've spent the weekend reflecting on the loss of my mom's cousin and his wife. They died in a horrific traffic accident on Friday evening. The type that makes the news.

Like so many, in the last decade or so, I've only seen them at the funerals of others, and the small bits I knew about them recently was from the Christmas cards with smiling faces of their grandchildren.

The accident happened on the way to visit their daughter and her family across the state. Which to me makes it so much worse.

I can't imagine. Comprehend. Understand. Fathom. It makes me a bit hysterical thinking about it. And angry.

My mom mentioned that she'd never been to a funeral for two people before. And that tonight she was afraid on the roads.

Two years ago, my cousin lost her mom on December 26th. She's an only child and had lost her father as a child. I can't imagine being parent-less.

I keep adding to the list of people for whom the holidays are beyond difficult. :(

I am swept away with gratitude for my healthy family & friends.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ahh... the smell of...

Hot glue.

Yep, I've gone through an entire bag in the last 12 hours. This is hanging over my kitchen sink. I love these pretties and they'll make me smile while I do dishes. The tiny plate in the center is a pastel Christmas scene by Johnson Bros. I would love, love, love to have a set of them, but this tiny plate was a thrift store score several years ago. Hope to have the gluing done today so I can start on the baking!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Shiny & Brite

I'm not a Coach purse kinda gal - I'm the gal at the thrift store hoarding the boxes of Shiny & Brite Christmas ornaments. Having to open the boxes in the car and touch each delicate ornament. I was swept away by the dusty smell of the boxes - an instant journey up the steep stairs to my Grandma Vi's attic. I don't remember what I loved up there, but the smell I conjure up is coal dust and her crisp linens.
I hung them on the tree before I put the groceries away. But, hell I had some money left over for groceries so I can't be all bad. Do you see Rocket? Up near the tree!!!! Bad cat! Don't dare startle her...

Monday, December 3, 2007

That 70s Christmas

Mom and Dad unloaded the last of their vintage Christmas stuff and, of course, I was the lucky recipient. Years ago they stashed this old stuff and went with designer themed trees. I am thrilled to be the new owner of the sugar plum & plastic popcorn garland - I may spiff it up with some glitter spray (pictures to follow soon I promise). Most of the stuff the girls went nuts for - it's all pretty silly stuff - and a ton we made in ceramics, and are quite bright and funky!

I decided to sell a lot of 1970s Christmas stuff on ebay. And found out that the 1976-1979 Hallmark ornaments are highly collectible. Weird, huh? One person's trash indeed. Keeping my fingers crossed for a very happy ending to this story.
These babies are a thrift store score, buried at the bottom of a box of ratty, broken cheapo ornies, they are delicate glass walnuts from West Germany and oh so fragile. Also offered on ebay.

Off to unload tote 17 of the Christmas decor...! ttfn!

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