Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My name is Kelley and I approved this message:

The girls assured me that voting at school was more fun than accompanying me to cast my official ballot. The weather here was gorgeous, the lines - rather long - about 10-15 minutes, the parking insane, the sense of community - rather cool. It seemed everyone knew someone else and there was a lot of waving and hellos. But anti-climactic to the elementary school kids. Even with classmates in the same lines. Hopefully, we'll have a clear winner by tomorrow that will make it a bit more real to them.

I'm proud to say that my dear son was able to vote in his first Presidential election today. He was a month shy of being 18 at the last election. Kudos for the newest generation of Americans proudly voicing their convictions and casting their ballots.

You'll notice that I've stayed away from politics. I never started this blog b/c I missed my opportunity to go the political science route. I'm not that worried about convincing the rest of you all that I know more than you do, or that my right is the only way to go. I've always been politically motivated. I've volunteered for two local candidates. Stuffed envelopes. Wrote letters commending those who upheld their campaign promises. Traveled to DC on a bus to protest a President. Voted for him at a later date. My voting record is as checkered as my past.

My parents are likely canceling out each others votes today. That's okay. They raised us to be thankful for the mere privilege of voting. They're both manning the polls today. Hopefully, nothing too exciting happens there that will land them in the national spotlight. Good grief - my Dad would/could be the next Joe the Plumber or worse...

If you haven't already - VOTE!