Monday, August 15, 2011

Tiffany & the Tower

Don't ya love these colors?! I know brown and aqua is practically a neutral these days... so this seemed a bit more bright and cheerful - crisp black and white cottons and shiny black buttons and aqua baubles. Pretty and one of the last summer bag flings...a nice roomy tote.

The accents are done in fabulous Tiffany's blue. I have a BOX from Tiffany's, alas not from some awesome present, it was some award my company received and I swear it was heading for the trash. So I rescued it. Almost dumpster diving in corporate life. I, of course, have it filled with buttons. and last but not least... a pretty apron. The tote, apron & fabrics are available at LOOM and check it - some of my aprons are featured there too... Love it! Btw, I'm linking over at

freckled laundry

and entering for a chance to win at :

And since I'm just chatty and may not find another chance to post until September...

IMHO this may be the very best fabric ever, ever - I made a tote that's there. But my pictures turned out pretty crappy so you'll just need to use your imagination...and make what ever your heart desires...

you can purchase it at LOOM where they have with free continental US shipping soooo much fabric, so little time. Gotta run! Happy crafting!