Saturday, November 9, 2013

The sign that I have not been crafting...

I have time to link to a Saturday Night link party!
 My stuff is all nice, neat and orderly. So sad.  All these containers are full of little baubles, bling, buttons... but I have been so swamped at my real job that I have not crafted since August!  It was a serendipitous moment recently.  Me in my oversized royal blue sweat pants driving my daughter across the subdivision at 6:50am and spotting this white hutch in a neighbor's trash pile.  (BTW, Really?  Why don't people donate usable items? why send something like this to the landfill?) So I scored this very solid and very heavy hutch whilst still in my jammies, and operating this mission solo since no 10 and 12 year olds want to be seen picking trash with their mom in their own hood, I heaved it into the mini-van and up 3 flights of stairs!  Just in time too.  I had noticed that the middle shelf on the white bookcase was starting to bow under the weight of mason jars loaded with bling.    
Believe it or not, I know where every little bitsy bit is located, just as much as when it is all in a creative mess around my feet as I am pulling trim and sewing it onto stuff.

Not that I don't have a huge stash of work in progress!  But at least out of sight doesn't make me as crazy.  And, it's not like any of this is perishable - I'm missing the fall/winter vending season (pout/mean face) BUT it will all keep until I am able to focus my time and energy here.  I may end up gifting from my own inventory - co-workers, friends and family be warned - button jewelry, aprons and totes may be coming your way!

I do like having my inspiration board visible even in this creative drought.  Outback Red anyone?  Oh, my 1980's winter white cords and bulky ski sweater - such high fashion memories... this label was a great find that makes me smile!


I have an aversion to plastic storage containers.  I've had them back in the day for scrapbook stuff, but it drove me nuts!  So, my tiny beads and sequins are visible and orderly in baby food jars.  Why do I have baby food jars??  Well, not from a grandbaby thank goodness.  (I need another decade please, and I know V would agree!).  My sweet OLD tuxedo cat is 19 and has started an expensive diet of chicken puree baby food.  The glass jars are the only thing good about that...