Monday, May 5, 2008

Better than birthday cake?

One of my friends has a birthday coming up. And I know she happens to love these babies.
Hmmmm. Warm, caramel rum cakes, perhaps? I'll make extras 'cause they're known to disappear with a puddle of vanilla ice cream.

This post makes me realize that I get tunnel vision when I'm in a creative mode. Lately, it's been sewing, in case you haven't noticed (lol!) But I grew up in my parent's bakery. It's in my blood, kwim? I love to bake. Loved the kitchen of my own tearoom more than any where else. Happiness is two KitchenAid mixers humming and white chocolate chip/apricot scones . Tiny little teacakes. Itty bitty desserts & pastries. I had a customer track me down to make my Raspberry Almond Tart. She'd purchased one back in 2005 and still remembered it as being outstanding.

Wish I could offer you each a little morsel for stopping by today. And the Blackberry Sage tea is brewing.

Tea & Tiding, Kelley


BumbleVee said...

mmmmMMMMmmmmm... me too...wish I was close enough to stop in for a morsel....

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Thank You Thank You Thank You! It was truly delicious! I literally licked the plate!