Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shades of Beige & Black Vintage Fashion Label Purse

Dear Blogger & Friends,
I have been MIA for almost 6 months.  I have been a bad blogger.  I have abandoned you all.  Please forgive me and stop by on occasion. 

My girls are 9 and 11 and are a lot of work - like Cathrynn promising that I'd make 5 flapper dresses for a dance-a-thon at school.  I did!  I feel like homework is a huge burden for ME.  Haha!  And dance, band and softball.  And school activities.  And their social lives!   

Not much new with me - I have been very creative, selling many of my pretties at LOOM! .  And painting and redecorating my house.  It was time.  My real-work took me to San Francisco this year which was an event!  The food and entertainment was fabulous and I shared my trip with awesome co-workers. 

I will be listing some special items on Etsy for the next couple weeks because they are handmade and that's what I love about the holidays - so I am sharing my love and creativity with you all.  This purse was just listed.

And I have been on a healthy mission.  Mainly for self-preservation and less about vanity.  I swear. I know several young (30-40!) year old women who are battling cancer.  I don't know why they are in their battles.  I would like to hide under my covers and not think about it.  But, instead I am trying to reevaluate and examine my choices and be a better role model for my daughters.  Eating healthier is easier that I thought, just like I remember.   

So if I don't stop by again for another 6 months, I will leave you with my thought for the holiday season... HEALTH IS OUR GREATEST WEALTH! 

May you and yours enjoy the gift of good health this season!

Best regards, Kelley 


Libby Buttons said...

As always, your hard work and creativity pays off. Beautiful purses at LOOM. Love the condo colors and the girls wooden sewing table. Heres to 2013! Eat healthy and stay healthy!

Libby Buttons said...

Call me & give me an update on your situation. . Six weeks on the job & they promoted me. Lets plan a weekend stitchery.

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