Sunday, September 1, 2013

September - my own personal January 1st

 Oh my heart... my girls circa 2008. 
I realize that I love back-to-school with the brand-new expectations and hope that only new school supplies and shoes can bring.  I always struggle with New Year's resolutions - feeling so beat up from the holiday season, I prefer my January to be hibernation, snuggled under cozy quilts, watching a lot of old movies. 

September - I like the clean slate of a new school year.  For at least a season ;) I enjoy the order and structure.  I am more likely to exercise and eat healthy in September, October, November... I may get overwhelmed somewhere around Thanksgiving but for now, I am purging out-of-style and outgrown clothes, crumpled magazines and grimey make-up, cleaning out the pantry, organizing paperwork, making nice new places to put things. 

 I am also on the fence about a bunch of craft shows.  I think I am mentally exhausted from my real job and the demands of my crafting ventures and trying not to neglect my kiddos, health and home. IDK.  We'll see...

Random pictures...

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