Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Home Alone

Well not quite alone.
The girls are here but Frank went back to work today after a much-deserved 4 day weekend.
BUT I'm more at ease when he's at work - I have my own systems and routines.

Yesterday, I felt out of sorts from the minute I woke up. All hot and sweaty from the air conditioner. Seems the $75 tune up isn't going to buy us few more years afterall.

When he suggested I work in the basement cleaning out boxes of the kiddos toys, I was ready for my own 4 day weekend. I decided to finish cleaning out the fish pond instead. What a foul, foul job. Up to my ankles and elbows in muck. At least there weren't any skeletal remains at the bottom. Just the 2 koi and 2 snails. Trips to Lowes & Walmart weren't exactly successful. Yes, you can get a pump for less than $20 - but not one for a pond, btw. Lowes has a nice pump & filter combo set-up w/ a little fountain action for about $100. Hopefully this weekend. Will the fish make it in their new, clean world? Stay tuned.

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