Thursday, October 30, 2008

when life gives you reality

add rick-rack and ice cream.

Seriously. Liv's kindy class teachers decided that they should dress up as an "occupation". She shed tears and sobbed, "I don't wanta be a worker gal" .

Believe me kiddo, I hear ya.

Then, she bought into the propaganda the teachers were handing out. Suddenly, my little butterfly fairy planned to morph into her only other dream job, an ice cream girl. Forget that the rest of the school will be wearing Hannah Montana & Sharpei wigs, she'll be a sweet little ice cream girl.

From the first trip to Brewsters, she'd been a fan and wanted to be gainfully employed there. I decided it was an occasion for the great big jumbo rick rack :D And that makes me happy.
Or as happy as a middle age, over weight, pmsing woman can be at the moment.

and by the way. Could you tell people to back up, they're crowding me in line. And to keep their politics to themselves unless asked by me. Why have an automated prescription refill line if more often than not it doesn't process the renewal and makes me announce "ZOLOFT" over the drive through speaker. And people must stop parking so close to my car, and obviously stalking me so that they can leave at the exact same moment and make it uncomfortable. Everyone else needs to use their turn signals. And that one special person, stop eating all the caramel apple dip and leaving a smidgen in the bottom and dashing my dreams of chocolate peanut butter swirl with a caramel cap.

You all know who you are...


Dana said...

You are too much Erma!!!

Shawnee said...

That is the SWEETEST apron!!

Pretty in pink...

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