Monday, October 27, 2008

It's been a while, huh?

So long that I almost said "why bother" posting this. Then I remembered how nice it is just to post my pix for friends and family here instead of emailing, printing...

So, here ya go. The girls were invited to a church Trick or Treat party over the weekend. I thought I had until Friday to start/finish C's poodle skirt - instead I whipped that baby up in a morning. I work so much better while under a deadline. Felt is sooooo easy to work with, no wonder every novice is using it to craft their Halloween fantasy.

It has been an interesting few weekends at my national craft and fabric store - I've helped plan several SpongeBobs and Disney characters, M&Ms, a poker chip, a life size chocolate chip cookie (college gal going as "tough cookie"), a 6'4" football player in 10 yards of pink tulle for his tutu, Elvis robes, Tarzan & Jane, and yesterday's oddest costume - a life size sex toy. Not much else could raise my eyebrows after that.Here's my semi homemade TOT costumes, modeled by C and O. I cheated a bit and used a leaotard and black velvet shirt from their closets, and the wings were purchased, although I had good intentions of making them! It helped with the time crunch.

If I don't talk to you in another 6 weeks - take care!

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Dana said...

You did a great job ! They look so cute!!