Saturday, December 4, 2010

the part of the Grinch will be played by yours truly

so, this is the year that I decided do the deed - after 12 years I admitted defeat and decided that an unhappy marriage wasn't getting any better with someone else's decision not to seek employment after 2, yes, T-W-O long years of odd jobs (you may have noticed that my blog shriveled up and died aboout that time...

so we're being adults for the sake of the kids. and really I don't think I have as much drama left for him. KWIM?

But, we survived the 1st major holiday - luckily I had jetlag and slept through most of it. In that marriage was the continual fight over the volume of my STUFF, KWIM? I know you do. Especially when Christmas means a ladder, 17 totes and an entire week of mayhem. When we met, he had 1, yes O-N-E, ornament - a goof ball delivery guy one. I have every single Christmas ornament that I've ever glanced at, plus all my grandparent's stuff, and just about every stranger's grandparent's stuff that was donated at my local thift store. I have a weakness. (many but this is the one we'll ponder now).

Imagine my surprise that he'd kept some of the holiday stuff. Yep, he'd hauled totes off to my storage unit b/c he was sick and tired of it and he enjoyed me paying to store my stuff. Vindictive type. So, on a recent stop over to do my laundry and let his dog out (told you we are mature), I notice that he has made a nice attempt at holiday decorating thanks to years of being subject to whilst I junqued up the place. But, he has kept some of MY stuff. Yep, and now I am the Grinch who must insist that the houses that Vince and my dad painted are mine. And the entire tote of the glass glitter ornaments - my most recent! - are mine. There really was enough to have shared. He crossed the line - back away from the glittered ornaments buddy!

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LiBBy said...

We can really pick 'em cant we?