Sunday, November 28, 2010

decorating attention deficit disorder

Here I am. Having thoughts of the delicious and debilitating task of Christmas decorating. Took the pluge and gathered all the fall stuff and dumped it unceremoniously into a tote. Thought about depositing the pumpkins in the dumpster. Thought about the waste and the three flights of steps - granted I'd be going down the stairs but still. Let's ponder why it is so much easier to drag thrifty finds UP three flights than to take trash down. I swear. I could stare at a bag of trash for days. I can decorate around a bulging black trash bag, ya know? Heck, on my last trip to the kitchen I admired how neatly I'd tied the red handles. Almost festive.
So, I'm ignoring deadlines and chores and instead distracting myself by freshening up my bedroom. Yep. Nothing on my December to-do list will be completed by this pursuit. But, I saw this fabric and what to do? It matched my China Glaze - Jitterbug silver metallic nail polish perfectly. (ignore pudgey middle aged fingers...) I have been inspired by the October 2010 Country Living spead on EuroTrash style guru -Lizzy's to-die-for home. She blew the covers off of charcoal! And my bff Dana has been channeling silver in a big way and has been splashing the silver on gorgeous little pieces like this little bedside table... she is the mix master - not too charcoal or metallic.
I must hit the thrift circuit and find some equally yummy pieces for this treatment! And search for more vintage ornaments...

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