Sunday, February 12, 2017

My own bohemian rhapsody...

Thrift store score.  I had hours to kill today.  And was relatively close to several thrift stores. Locals to the 'Burgh know that the Red White & Blue on Route 51, or as we call it - 51, is pretty much a sure thing. Especially for linens. So, with time on my hands and money in my purse, and with my purse handle looped around my wrist because about a decade ago some old woman tried to pick-pocket me there, off I went.
Seriously, not a lot of linens.  It was late Saturday afternoon.  It was almost as though a bunch of ME had been there are scooped up all the calendar towels, aprons, craft ribbon and lace-edged pillow cases.  I was not defeated though.

I had to delve deeper.  And that's when I found this gem.  This bohemian beauty.  The handmade patchwork on silk shantung. At first I only saw the orange squares so I immediately thought about cutting it up and making totes.  Then, I saw the price, green tag  $7.95, which was 50% off.  Wahoooooo!!  

It has a yarn fringe trim which I don't love, but it is authentic so it may stay, or be upgraded to something funkier.  But that would be on my sewing to-do list.    So, maybe it stays.  Once I saw the other colors and vintage fabrics, I knew it was a keeper.

Our family room is very vanilla.  Plain.  Actually, more taupe than vanilla.  There is a huge old credenza that holds our flat-screen which definitely needs paint.  Three years later, it is still on the paint to-do list.  Our ottoman is huge and comfy just like the I-swore-I'd-never-get-a-sectional mammoth sectional.  And this bohemian beauty is perfect as a burst of colors when draped perfectly on the ottoman.  It is fresh from the dry cleaners.

Now, I am ready to funk up the vanilla room with more fun accents.  All because of this perfection.  To whomever sewed this beauty:  thank you.  And to the family who donated to the RW&B: thank you!

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