Monday, February 6, 2017

"What to do?"

That trivial question was once asked to me at an unfortunate moment.  In a romantic setting. Actually it was scribbled on an envelope, in lieu of a proper farewell.  I kept the note.  Cause it is ridiculous and noteworthy. And so me in my 20s.

This question is less romantic and life-changing. Not cowardly.  Just me pondering. And chewing my lip. And weighing my options. Nothing life changing or major.

Trying to determine if I should do a major vendor show this spring.
It is way outta my comfort zone. Not the show as much as the commute. The expense.  The gamble.  The schedule conflicts it will create at home.  And always, not supportive husband may lose his mind.

Just spewing. Obviously this post is quite ridiculous but I can't stop myself.

And here's another what to do?  Tofu  cheesecake or lemon depression-Era cake?  Both are vegan. For my daughter's 16th birthday!  Sweet girl.  Time flew...

I think the cake is a keeper.  Cheesecake wasn't bad. But wasn't great.  Why don't any of my kids like birthday cake?? The very thought makes me sad.  I love cake more than just about anything.  My son, loves key lime pie. My other daughter, not a cake fan either.  She would prefer an Edible Arrangements bouquet. And Cathrynn is a vegan and doesn't even like cake.  

Failure.  Motherhood.  No leftover cold cake, with sugary crusty birthday cake icing.   It would be perfection. As I sit and ponder this trivial and monumental question.  "What to do?"  

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