Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fall Wreath & the Fish Pond

The fall decor is still stuck in the attic. When we bought the house last winter, it seemed easily accessible, the usual cut-out in the upstairs hallway. Not drop down stairs like we'll probably put in one day (let's call that item #65 on the house to-do list!).

It wasn't until we started putting away the Christmas decorations (all 17 totes & misc. boxes - should I be embarrassed dear friends? I think not, if you're reading this you've probably got just as much if not more stashed!) that we realized this was a job for someone smaller and stronger - Vince! He's busy at the moment staying on the Dean's List (brag!) and after a weekend of dog sitting for Grammy & Pappy - thus freeing me up to do the Fall Festival in Beaver, well... I really just can't ask for him to brave the record breaking heat & humidity to retrieve my stuff. Can I? Well, not without the offer of some home cooking.

Soooooooooooooo... how's that for too much information?... I picked up some glitter letters at Joann's last night and some stuff Mom bought me last week and did a quick wreath. The faux feathers were a nice touch, especially since there wasn't a real taxidermied bird nearby (ahem Dana, do you want to share what's hanging in YOUR window?) While out there, I took a pix of the pond since it's in the middle of a cleaning and not soylent green at the moment. When the foot of snow and ice melted in the spring, imagine our surprise to find the Koi fish alive in the murky (putrid!) water.
The previous owner also ripped out ALL trees & shrubs and replaced half the lawn with this charming red lava rock... this vine/weed was welcomed with open arms. We have big plans for the landscaping but they're currently on that ever growing to-do list... right after summoning the courage to reach inside and fix broken chain in toilet tank (anyone else have an unrealistic fear of what's in the tank - please tell me, the husband thinks I'm insane) , bail water out of bottom of dish washer, crank the disposable into action, and curse at the a/c.

But I think I'll go sew first :D

Edited to add this...Frank & the girls went a bit nuts and bought an entire bag of spooky stuff - huge spiders & webs, fake blood, you name it... it all makes me paranoid & itchy as I'm their favorite victim. Luckily, we don't have 8 inch spiders here so it only gave me a small heart attack!


Dana said...

Why yes I would love to share my pheasant with anyone who cares out there in blogland!
Nice job on the wreath!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I love your Fall wreath!

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