Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Innocence Lost

I accidentally deleted this... forgive the repetition!

Last year, my dear daughter, Cathrynn came home from kindergarten rather upset after she'd sang a bit from Both Sides Now, and when the teacher recognized it & sang along. My girl was devastated to realize that it wasn't original to our family. I imagine her teacher, Mrs. C., stifling a smile & laughter as my dear sweet girl sang her own rendition of her MOM's song. In the face of such betrayal, I made sure she knew I was also not the lyricist for all her other favorites - The Sun'll Come up Tomorrow, The Rainbow Connection, Hush Little Baby, the Happy Birthday song...

That's what happens, you send your five year old to grade school, and they learn about life beyond the happy, safe, innocent world I've created for them. They learn that a much more talented lady came up with Both Sides Now when I was still in grade school. That there are soldiers fighting a war. That not everyone wants to be their friend. That other kids are watching High School Musical while they've been happy to watch Noggin. That people do say stupid because it really isn't a bad word (although it will always be in our home).

Why so melancholy this morning?

I was having bloggers block and getting my inspiration from some of my favorite blogs instead. Charlotte Lyons wrote one of my most favorite craft books. I like to say she wrote the book on crafting! She recently reflected on a trip to Starbucks. And summed up my feelings about life in general.

Somehow, I've advanced in life to a really good place, except when standing around chatting with the other preschool moms. Most of these women are closer in age and life experience to my son, Vince. I am a lifetime a way. I am staring menopause in the face. I am mature.

Would I change places? NO! Not for one split second would I go back to my 20s. Yikes. I like my 40s. I just don't like when I hear a song and realize how far away I am. My 25 year high school reunion next year? That must be someone else. The math is wrong. I am young at heart. Wise. Mature. Cynical.

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