Saturday, October 20, 2007

Vintage Tea Cup Swap!

I received my package from Rebecca - a gorgeous hand stitched tea towel which will be displayed in my vintage inspired kitchen. I'll have to tell everyone "hands off"! I've never had anyone stitch something just for me. I am delighted!!! If you're in the market for a treasure like this, please visit her Etsy store - MelysBaby!

The cup & saucer are one of my favorite brown transfer ware patterns. I've never owned transfer ware in brown but I'm happy to say that on Friday I found a matching lone plate at a thrift store that I plopped the fragrant candle down on. The start of a lovely Autumn-y china collection.

I'm hoping that Rebecca is as pleased as I am...I was not as speedy as she was at mailing hers out, but I hope by Monday she'll be enjoying it. I'll post a pix then so as not to spoil her surprise, in case she's reading this.

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