Friday, December 21, 2007

Blackberry Almond Tarts

I wish I could send you all one of these tasty treats. They are one of my all time favorites - the flavors - a hint of cinnamon, lemon, perhaps - I can't disclose that - the recipe is one of my best kept secrets! Ground almonds in a sugar cookie crust, and seedless blackberry jam. I usually make these in my spring form pan, but one is missing (Dana do you have it there from a cheesecake I brought up?) and another is missing the bottom. So, I used 3 of my small ones and my heart pan. Can you tell how happy I am with this change in tradition? Yep, I'll be doing that again.

I'm sending them to school with Cathrynn, along with my mini lemon pound cake. From another message board I've learned that teachers don't especially like gifts of baked goods and even worse, apple themed stuff, but the gift basket Cathrynn bought has a cool ruler framed magnetic board and apple magnets, she loves it and can't wait to give it to Miss H tomorrow. And that's what the season is all about, huh?

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Dana said...

MMM! I want some! Cathryn's teacher will be happy to get these!