Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Past

These remind me of so much folksy/artsy stuff I see on blogs & etsy. They're one step away from being donated to the Vets.

I just can't keep all my parents' old Christmas stuff. There I said it, even I have my limit. And I'd rather have a box of someone else's old & chippy Shiny & Brites than these family heirlooms. I contemplated adding another tree just for them. But seriously, 9 (or is it 10?) trees is enough even for me.

So these 24 Partridges & an Angel are offered for a very short time on ebay, if they don't sell in the next 11 hours and 11 minutes I'll be sending them off to do their holiday duties.

1 comment:

Darly Dolittle said...

Hi there, I would have made a fitting reply to your comment but I'm practicing humility today!
Hey, hows that tote coming along? Are you going to be here sat for the cookie exchange? Can I get it from you and pay you then?


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