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That 70s Christmas

Mom and Dad unloaded the last of their vintage Christmas stuff and, of course, I was the lucky recipient. Years ago they stashed this old stuff and went with designer themed trees. I am thrilled to be the new owner of the sugar plum & plastic popcorn garland - I may spiff it up with some glitter spray (pictures to follow soon I promise). Most of the stuff the girls went nuts for - it's all pretty silly stuff - and a ton we made in ceramics, and are quite bright and funky!

I decided to sell a lot of 1970s Christmas stuff on ebay. And found out that the 1976-1979 Hallmark ornaments are highly collectible. Weird, huh? One person's trash indeed. Keeping my fingers crossed for a very happy ending to this story.
These babies are a thrift store score, buried at the bottom of a box of ratty, broken cheapo ornies, they are delicate glass walnuts from West Germany and oh so fragile. Also offered on ebay.

Off to unload tote 17 of the Christmas decor...! ttfn!


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You be mine

I am seriously in love with this stack of vintage pretties.  My favorite is this quaint hankie!!

 Flea market find. All mine.  For - drum roll - $10!  An entire Marshall's shopping bag full. Luckily my partner in crime has eagle eyes for boxes of neglected old stuff.  Stay tuned to see what they become later!!

Omgosh Vegan Banana Cake

So. I have been MIA for almost an entire year in blog days.  I can hear the crickets. Nah, even they have left the building.  But, I am not a quitter.  Regardless of what you may have heard!  So I am back with a mission. I want to capture my recipes here. Yawn. I know. Food blog so 5 years ago.  But, it is for me. So I can have an actual record of my successful vegan offerings. I know. Vegan.  Yuck. Right?  How did that happen?  One daughter with a soul for kindness and ethical treatment of animals.  The rest of us are just vegetarians.  We are shamefully consuming butter, eggs and cheese. Not often. Just enough to gorge ourselves with our favorite pizza. And cookies. So the vegan child doesn't waste away to her birth weight, I am on a mission to redo our recipes into really good vegan offerings.  So. Warm from the oven on a brisk Autumn eve, banana cake.

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Cotton shirts.  Love 'em. Usually can't wear 'em.  Too tight. Pull at the boobs.  Or, shrink in the first wash.  And being a plus size gal, I need some softness and movement to keep an illusion of me.  Reality in a stiff button up, not so pretty. So, an old linens table cloth, so soft. Nicely torn for texture. And an old soft lace cafe curtain.

Stella, my model, is asymmetrical so it appears wonky.