Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

Where were you?

I woke up with my baby daughter and staggered downstairs and was watching the TV for a few moments in disbelief. I called my mom at work. I woke up DH who just happened to be off that week. Vince was at school, a mile away.

I sat glued to the TV. I cleaned my baseboards. I could not stop cleaning.

The sky was insanely blue and beautiful. Has it ever been that way since? It doesn't seem like it. It lost it's bright blue just as much as we lost our innocence.

The days following were surreal. I live by a major airport and the skies were blank. It was eerie. When the planes started flying again, I started panicking every time I saw one. I'm still leery of them. Just today, the skies are full of military planes that seem closer and louder than normal.

But normal ended for me that day. Just as I always knew it could and would.

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