Saturday, October 30, 2010

who knew?

Rocket would be my constant companion.  I've struggled the last 6 months w/ this joint parenting with the girls.  Sometimes it is just too quiet here.  Except for the little kitten I bought as a pet for Vince - 16 years ago.  Rather ironic that I am back in an apartment setting where she's the only allowed pet.  That's why V got her for his 8th bday.  And, here we are.  V has been gone for years now.  The girls aren't always here.  But, my morning wake-up is always Rocket.  And her firm insistence that she is starving.  If I stagger in the direction opposite the kitchen she glares in disbelief.  Trips my steps as she circles my ankles in mock affection.  She would just as soon nip my toes and force me to open her cans of smelly feasts.  If I glance in her direction while she's sun bathing in front of the sliding door, she raises her head and gives me a "Meow?"  Which may or may not be WTF?  

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Shawnee H said...

Great to read your post! Welcome back ---