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Belated Happy New Year!

Is there anything better than the clean sweep of January? Days so cold that you are forced to stay in and sweep away the last of the holidays. Yesterday, I did venture out to Joanns for fabric. Btw, have you noticed that beige is the new white in cottage-y decor? Of course you do, cause you're a blogger - you know, you see it all over the place. We're just following the path that those more creative souls set us on a few years ago. With no real purpose in mind I managed to buy a few yards each of unbleached muslin, burlap, duck, silk shantung ($1 a yard b/c it was in pieces - wahoo!), and a little splurge of some organic cotton. All in the soothing hues of tan, beige, pale caramel, taupe, café au lait... As my friend at the cutting counter said, "Aren't you in a beige mood today!"

January = soothing.

No more pressure to find the right presents AND the money to pay for the perfect gifts. The holidays are such a three ring circus - trying to juggle expectations, change, life lessons. And all wrapped up in pretty paper and served with delish cookies. And if the old adage that the new year will be spent as I did on New Year's Eve - then I am going to spend a year laughing my ass off with my family and sharing a hotel room with my parents. (It was a Residence king suite w/ a sofa sleeper, but still).
I just can't get over that it is 2011. As much as I am ready for the winter-white sale month of renewal, I need to burn the past (I'm watching Brothers & Sisters and Holly is having a bon fire with boxes of memorabilia) so that isn't entirely original. But it is new to me. I have lived my adult life clinging stubbornly to the person I made myself. If 2010 taught me anything it is that I could use a little self examination.
I will admit that I failed miserably with my 2010 tangible resolutions - to lose weight and keep my teeth... instead I start 2011 with all my previous poundage and a few extra chins. A couple teeth weren't technically lost but all that grinding is going to require dental work.

Soooooo, I will now give myself credit for what I did accomplish: left the unhappy marriage (yeah me!), got an affordable condo that I've made into a cozy little cottage, treated myself to a bedroom makeover, sold a lot of my jewelry - almost against my will, survived a trip to France that tested my faith and confidence, stopped watching soap operas (well, I guess I shall the day time soaps after the admission above!).

So, we'll see what 2011 holds. I dunno. I never do obviously...


LiBBy said…
I predict 2011 will hold lots of drunken craft parties where we discuss old husbands ~boyfriends~ and blow jobs! hhahahahahaahaha
I can't add anything to that I'll just be curled up in a fetal position in a corner.
I predict"11 Will be better than all the years you spent with The Big F.

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