Monday, January 17, 2011

Some things I’ve learned in 2010:

This post is inspired by my friend Darla's 2010 Life Lessons:

So here goes - things I've learned in 2010:

That I could get an all expense paid trip to France and not have to have sex with anyone to get there.

That I could be happier in a 2 bedroom condo than I was in a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage house.

That there is worse weather for an outdoor craft show than torrential rain.

That ordering the same lunch as the 20something guys in the department would cause me to pack on a few more pounds and they would not.

That I’m so stubborn that I will turn down a $250 company bonus rather than exercise or track my eating habits for 6 months.

That I could get recruited for a position at my current employer, told they were going to make a big old offer b/c I'm so awesome and then never hear about it again. AWKWARD.
That you can think you know someone really well and still only know what they want you to know.

That the roses in France are stunning.
That people really like my jewelry and will harass me in to selling it to them.

That you should only travel with people that you can say “shut-the-&%#-up” and know that it will not jeopardize your career.

That my parents can still guilt-trip me on occasion.

That French wine is really good.

That I still don’t want to have a FB account because I still don’t want to be in touch with all those people I’ve known and didn’t keep in touch with.

That the truth isn’t always what people want to hear.

That my dad won’t let me and the kids ride on bald tires even if the soon-to-be-ex will.

That free chairs are only valuable if they are not breeding stink bugs in the upholstery.

That my mom always knows when I may need $.

That I can be successful, even without a college degree.

That I need more friends.

That I could go to Paris and be disappointed.


LiBBy said...

Great List! Could have told you about the condo vs. big house happiness thingy.

LiBBy said...

~Youll have to fill me in on that stink bug story.
~Congratulations on the jewelry success. Smart theory: travel light but reaping heavy on the returns.
~Now I have to go back and read more on your list.

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