Friday, January 14, 2011

Okay, I'd go back for

Pastries. I would go back and only eat these tiny little precious pastries, figs, fresh pears, croissants, wine and coffee. Notice that I drank tea my first days - why? I was intimidated by the tiny little cups and thoughts of ultra-strong espresso - but it wasn't I actually miss it.
And, contrary to what I've said to everyone who would listen, Yep, I would do the plane trip with the rough landing, the lack of everything we hold near and dear and expect as US citizens for the pastries.

Here's a little glimpse why... the following are from this charming pastry shop in Arras where I stayed for work. Such little works of art!
We brought these to a co-worker/expat living in France. Yum. AND we had 5 cheese pizza and cheese and crackers. I like pizza and I like cheese on pizza but I am not a cheese person. Let's just say I hope to never smell these again:

Way too strong for me! Pretty though...


LiBBy said...

Oh sure they look pretty but nothing can hold a candle to PopTarts.

Jen Kershner said...

I love me some cheese so I will be in heaven! Thank you so much for the advice you left on my blog. These are the kinds of things I want to know.

LiBBy said...

Hey...just thinking...we were talking about Vince building websites...has he ever considered selling photos on Shutter ? There is some rig-a-ma-roll you have to go through before they will accept you and they make you take a test that you must pass & present examples of your work but I have made some $$ there and even sold a photo a few months back to Smuckers. It might be worth his looking into.

you know who i AM.