Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Life is good. I don't remember the last time I was having so much fun. Seriously... I love that I have a few good friends, and even one that I can occasionally get down on the ground and play good old fashioned jacks - really two middle-aged women taking a sewing break and reliving jacks competition of our youth... my friend beat me with finesse! Game on girlfriend!I am impressed that she still has hers - mine are long gone. I tried to buy my kids some and they were so cheaply made. On a crafty note... check out these amazing fabrics. O M Gosh I may need to do a couple pillows of the birds... some are aqua... This is a pocket of a tote I made... and in a bit of whimsy I sewed baubles as eggs in her nest...Speaking of fun... here are some ultra-fun aprons that I made for my friends at LOOM I used some pink glittery fabric, jumbo one rick-rack - the best hostess gift don'cha think?Forgive the bad pictures - I took these in my car on my way to deliver them...ack! these aprons are so much better than my pictures.

And my creative pals - trust me - there is fun to be found all over LOOM The store is packed but not cluttered, it is all careful displays and hidden gems. Here's a coooool display. Don't you just want to hang out here?

And here's a furry display with a great fashion sense... lemony silk shantung and tulle - so so so dreamy together. Honestly, I may get married again (!) just to see my girlfriends in lemon silk shantung bridesmaids gown... now that would be FUN!


LiBBy said...

Your stuff is flying off the racks! When we heading down to the strip to burn some cash? Seriously, call me to set up a date. I have my seminar this saturday and then off again the next saturday. Ill text u now!

LiBBy said...

OK, Im going to see if Brian's cousin, Lynne< will mail me some clothing labels from sweet will my tote be then???? So, next Saturday for heading over to the strip? What say ye?