Sunday, July 3, 2011

Medieval Warrior, Woman & Roses Tattoo Fabric

I made this tote out of a really cool cotton quilters fabric that features tattoo stylistic images. Love the script and the tone-on-tone subdued quality. Nothing that I would have stumbled across and been immediately been drawn to. That's what is so unique for me right now - I stop by a unique fabric store nearby and get a stack of exquisite fabrics and free reign to, as Tim Gunn would say, "make it work". Of course, I'm not doing runway designs - I'm doing little aprons and totes. Creating fun and funky stuff with fabrics that require me to stretch my own vision. The feather trim wouldn't have been my first choice either - I paired the graphic print with scraps of classic ivory silk shantung - it all worked together Btw, I missed the season premiere of Project Runway on Thursday night because it was playoff time for my daughter, Cathrynn's 10 & under softball team (they won!). I usually bring a tin of buttons or beads to the games, but these were nail-biters and I didn't get much done this week.

I enjoying being I'm back in the driver's seat. Cruising along, sewing machine pedal to the floor, sewing machine humming along. I hadn't sewed in several months - I'd been beading instead. Or maybe cleaning, baking and cooking. One of the things that I was doing then that I may be neglecting now ;) But, I feel invigorated and excited.

(If you're interested, these unique fabrics are available at LOOM)

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