Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Great Pumpkin

Until I get the film developed, here's one I snapped with my cellphone with Liv, too. Her stuffing was a bit squished by then, but that's what happens when you insist on wearing your costume ALL day. She was just a banana short of being Carmen Miranda, dont'cha think??? That's what happens when I get a hold of a hot glue gun - watch out!

I'm coming down from a T-O-T hangover. What an event here in suburbia - Liv's preschool even rented a bouncy thing, had a pinata, parade... Truly, this was up there with Christmas in the amount of planning and activities. Add chocolate and sugar and it's not pretty!

I've been snuggling under a blanket on the sofa all morning. I never, ever do that. Wish I could do it all day, lol!

By the way - this is my 99th post. Hmmmmmm... shall the 100th post bring something fun? Maybe a give-away? Maybe. I promise it won't be a box of all the cheapo TOT leftover candy. You'll have to come out of the closet and leave a comment though. Stay tuned.

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