Monday, November 26, 2007

The Last Thread

I ran out of black and white thread last night. Five Steelers totes in one week was obviously my limit. Let's say that's what lead to my emotional breaking point yesterday, yeah let's - and not the other stuff - hormones, beckoning holiday stress complete with money woes, that my son is going to be 21 in a few short days...

After a tearful day (sorry guys!) the final straw was the last black thread running out when I was this close to finishing bag six of the black&gold at midnight.

In defeat, I decided to do a tote that I really, really love for someone that I really, really love.

A long time ago, my wise friend Lorna made the astute observation that I was not going to do well in a sales venture. She pointed out that I was not motivated by money. Yep, she was right. I have never done anything in my life solely for the sake of making more money. Yes, I've worked two jobs to support Vince, but I never married for money, never took a job that would have required me to sell stuff to people who didn't really need it just to make the deal. Is that a bad thing? It feels like it when you start adding up the holiday expenses and wonder why you didn't go back to work and send your kiddos to daycare so you could buy them really great presents. Or that trip to Disney that everyone in 1st grade seems to be taking this month. Did I mention that I loathe Disney? Yep, I still do.

An early morning pep talk from Dana and Liv's joy at her new tote were nice reminders of what's important. Not shipping the girls to daycare today, hanging out with them & still in my jammies at 1pm - yep, those things matter. I'm not a money making machine any more. I'm not gone 50 hours a week at work. Even my totes... well, I make them to make me happy - I put more time and materials into them they're currently selling for, thus worth, gotcha Frank - I realize that, thanks for the daily reminders.

Here's Liv modeling her new dance bag, complete with bed head, pink jammies, rose colored glasses and Cinderella's glass slippers. Now that's priceless.


Dana said...

Yep Everything's gonna be alright. And Liv Looks adorable!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I hear ya, and you are right about everything. You will cherish the time that you spent with your kids. Nobody can take that away from you. Jammies til noon. Gotta love that. Art does not make the big bucks unless you're lucky enough to be someone famous, but then being famous doesn't hold a candle to being the mom to your children. Chin up, you will survive. Hugs to you.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Adorable tote! and model. :)

I am totally with you about the selling stuff. I know I'll never be rich because of retail sales, but I love the creative outlet. Loving what you do and giving your time to your family, that's whats important.

Kimberly :)