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Vintage Christmas Handbag

At an outdoor antique show last summer, Dana and I were elbows deep in vintage fabrics. It was the kind of haul that you wish you had much, much more money left in your pockets. Even though the vendor was selling his wife's stuff, was good stuff, and the prices reflected that. We were able to buy some separates and miss-matched pieces from the piles of heavy old drapes.

One of my favorite pieces was a tiny, valance in a 1940s graphic floral pattern with deep reds and greens. I'm pretty sure the red ticking strip is newer upholstery fabric, and the nubby green&red tweed is from a vintage suit. For fun I added a leather string of buttons, baubles & beads that bounces happily. I love that it's seasonal without being obvious!

I have used the very last piece on this Christmas-y tote. Knowing it's the last of this fabric, I may keep this tote. Sshhhhhhhh...that'll be our secret.

UPDATE: It's a keeper! I needed a little pick me up today and this tote was the answer. Love, love, love it. If you see it out and about the local thrift stores, antique malls & Joanns- you'll know it's me!


Dana said…
Well done! I Love the pic of your grandparents home in the 40's!!
I strolled through your last few posts, as I have missed a few
(my bad). Love the pic of the kids at Halloween, so cute. Your thanksgiving book is lovely and what a treasure. The Chrismassy bag is so warm and homey. The kind of bag you could use for so many things! Sometimes, we just have to keep a creation and yes, it's o.k.!
Hello! I found your link through Preserve Cottage and wanted to say Hello! I live in Western PA too...north of Pittsburgh in Cranberry Twp. SO nice to meet you!

I just love your bags...they are adorable! Heather :)

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