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Have you ever noticed

that painting is never ending? I feel like I'm doing the Golden Gate bridge here. I started in the family room. And then realized that the hallway nearby really needed painted. And all the walls in the dining room needed refreshed. And then, I finally finished the wall in the living room. Started over a year ago and I ran out of paint and momentum.
And I started up the the stairs. And realized that the H (nope, no DH, he's just the H these days) has misplaced my extension pole to paint the ceiling there. The man has everything he's ever touched, but can't locate something that's 4 feet long. Whatever.
So, I moved upstairs. After doing a switch-a-roo of all the bedrooms a couple months ago, I decided to tackle Cathrynn's room. She wants to have play dates over and frankly, the room was more shabby than chic. Or as we like to call it, Shabby Shit. Inspired by a picture someone posted on a message board I frequent, I decided to paint stripes. Because I'm an idiot. And hate measuring. She's young enough not to have noticed (yet!)and there's some sway to those lines and a lot of touch ups to do.For now, it's like a yummy bowl of Neopolitan ice cream, with a cool stripe of pale aqua & brown daisy ribbon. I still have to paint the centers of the daisies a bright pink. And the dresser and desk while probably go the obvious antique white. Of course, all the crap from her room is piled high in the closet and hallway, but this is the closest to clean it'll be - so I went for the photo opp. And the drapes - gorgeous pink and brown roses embroidered on silk shantung for $3.00 from Joanns! I love the red tag 50% sale!! Still no comforter or quilt, but I'm, on the hunt. This brown/pink/aqua thing is still happening if you believe what Target's selling. So, I may be slacking in Blog land, but I'm quite busy at home, regardless as to what you've heard otherwise...

Your paint splattered friend,


Dana said…
I think it looks great! very professional!!
Kelley, it looks SO awesome!!!! I have been painting away over here too... eek... it is so much work. LOVE the colors you chose. xo Heather

p.s.-Some girls from blogging are coming to the Washington antique show this Sunday... if any of you girls would like to meet up with us let me know! It is Karla (karla's cottage) and Lori (faerie window).
Looks diva divine Kelley. Can't wait to see it with the walls decorated.
Kimmber said…
Wow, looks fantastic! I'm not good at all in the 'home' department.

Thanks for the hyperlinking help as well!!
What sweet color combos! and I love the flowers. You are brave to do stripes, I don't measure either, and always turned down striped jobs when I got inquiries. Painting should not involve math! that takes the joy out of paint!

I'm so glad to hear that you are coming on Sunday. See you there.

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