Monday, July 28, 2008


I went with friends recently to an antique mall, certain that the petite French Provincial desk that had been painted glossy white with hot pink trim would be there waiting for me. It was unique (to say the least!) and a bargain for Olivia's tiny room and her youthful color scheme - we're doing butterflies, stripes, lavender, yellow and pink... it would be perfect!Nope - it was gone! But, the decorating fairies were with us. Cathrynn's room redo has stripes of chocolate, light aqua and pale pink. Pale polka dot sheets and stenciled brown daisies.

This kidney shaped desk/vanity is perfect for Cathrynn's room! And it's painted just a shade brighter than the wall color. At another booth, we spotted the chair, which has a brown checked fabric! And it was painted the same yummy color.
IMO, it's trendy but not over the top like her request for neon animal print and faux fur with pleather trim. I'm not kidding - no more accompanying me to Joann's - she was all over the dance apparel fabrics!!! YIKES! Who's kid is this?? On a solo trip I found this great silk shantung with embroidered roses in brown and pink... yum! She loved it once I got it all put together...
Desk = $19.95
Chair = $12.00
Not having to paint 'em = Priceless!


Kim's Treasures said...

I love this room! And what great deals you found on the desk and chair!
Have a great day!

Daisys Little Cottage said...

A talented mom who is frugal, fun and fanatic about decorating your THAT's PRICELESS! Awesome job Kelley. Looks good enough to eat. All the girls need now is their own little kitten to sit on their bed.
hint hint hint

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

What a wonderful little girl's room! I love the C's on the wall. And the little desk is perfect. Missed you Sunday. Hope to see you and Dana soon.


what's in a name? said...

I love the paint job you did on her room! and the curtains are oh so sweet!

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