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~less asylum and more oasis~

Note to self: Please vacuum before taking pix. If you enlarge this photo you'll get a view of the debris on my floor and my messy painting on the the baseboard . And of course, the fabric banner I made would've been a bit more lovely had I pressed it first... I'm all about finishing, not about details if you haven't noticed!

PS, be sure and read Darly's comment for the official history of the junque featured here!!

Here's a sneak. I still have much more to do. Make a really long dust ruffle. I bought those cheapo white plastic risers from Walmart - and tadaaaa... I can hide 8 totes of fabric under this mile high bed! And I need a new quilt from my mom's stash. My bedroom at our last house was periwinkle, but that's my kitchen now, so I needed something different but love how soothing blue is in the bedroom. Heather, if you're reading, I know it must look like I'm a Pretty Petals wannabe - I'm hoping you don't think I copied too much but was just in love with your style! I generally go for more golden tones in my home, but decided after 10 years of debating that I'd give the cool white on white of shabby chic a try. If it feels too sterile and cold in the winter, I'll figure it out then. For now, at the end of summer - I'm loving it! I hope to get more pictures later. Off to the pool for now though...

By the way, the bed came from Dana's mom's basement. And had been dark brown. 4 cans of Rustoleum later and one week later and it is still pretty stinky, but quite pretty so I'm enduring it!
And the old record cabinet next to the bed was at Darly's the last I remember, and I'm pretty sure Dana's before that. I switched out that red toile fabric that was meticulously stapled and trimmed and glued a pretty floral bouquet heavy cotton and had the girls trim it out with mother-of-pearl buttons from my stash. Here are the girls and Skippy. He was purchased by the hubby from a puppy mill guy and has serious issues, but a good personality. Unfortunately, he must be tethered or crated or he'll destroy every thing in his path. We're trying to see how he does and briefly exposing him back to several areas of the house. Minutes after this, he messed on the kitchen floor. Skippy, why oh why???


Dana said…
It Looks soo nice!!!! The music cabinet looks better than ever. Great fabric choice and I love the buttons!!! Terrific job!
Wow! How pretty! Love love the record cabinet with the button trim, very sweet! You did a great job!
Looks fantastic Kelley and a much needed getaway for you! If youre going to trace the history of the junque..get it right...It's so simple to follow...I dont know why you get confused! the vintage metal bed was mine..bought it at the Way station in Ohio during one of their yard sales about 3 years ago. It had poppies decaled on the original patina headboard and footboard. I bought it for out on my sleeping porch balcony....then I gave it to Marlene..she used it in her guest room for awhile..then it went to her basement...then it went to you.....Danas radio cabinet was from Rogers I think....I think it was in our booth at Leonards (at one point) then it went back to Danas...then it came to me about 2 years ago...then to you....the lineage of junque is more complicated than the Royal Family and Kennedy's combined or worse yet...the history of our failed marriages combined. I know I have several of your previously owned items...perhaps you can give me the lo down on them? hehehe...are we still ging a junque swap? Great lamps BTW! smiles......
Oh that spray paint smell! it does take a while to fade, but it is so much easier to spray than brush, istn' it?

I have the same blue! I saw Heather's room in person and it is her blue too. We should name it "blogger's Blue"
SweetAnnee said…
Oh it is just all so lovely..and a lil dust is NO big deal in the grand scheme of things..
smiles and hugs, Deena
Kelley... I LOVE It!!!! It is a gorgeous color! Hey and since we are talkin about passin the junque around.. I got my color blue from another blogger named Dawn~the feathered nest who got it from her antique partner... so there you go! Even the paint has a history. lol

xoxo Heather
Oh Kelley!
Your bedroom is GORGEOUS!
I love the cool ocean blue tones. Your right, very soothing and relaxing.
And the banner is too cute...wrinkles and all. LOL

Kimberly :)
You sure are turning that sterile hospitally room into a lovely bedroom retreat. I love the banner. Aren't they fun to make?
Forever Vintage said…
The room looks great. I have the same bed frame. So shabby and vintage..luv it. I can't wait to put it in my daughters room once it is cleaned and painted! Mine is a 3/4 frame.

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