Tuesday, August 5, 2008

sand & shells

This may be as close to the beach as I get this summer... I've moved on to my next painting project. I decided the paint upstairs needed to be a bit more sand than the taupe in the downstairs.

I somehow didn't notice the color I ended up with is Buttered Up. You can imagine that I freaked when it went on really yellow. But alas, it's nice and exactly what I wanted. Yeah!

And this spot in the upstairs hallway has been troublesome. It always ended up a stopping spot for the laundry baskets, toys... Then, this dresser was on the way to the curb, but DH wasn't in the mood to carry it with me and suggested it looked great there. I coat of white paint did the trick and the hideous 90s bi-fold door has been replaced with an extra panel of toile drapery, leftover from the family room. I love the end result. Just need a mirror or painting for over it...

Summer 2008 - Paint.

And, my mom mentioned that she used to spend every August at the sewing machine whipping out clothes for us girls. And here I am, doing the same... here's a little top I'm working on. The capris will be trimmed with ruffles of course. I love kindergarten... hope Liv doesn't freak and actually goes. Yikes...


Kim's Treasures said...

Beautiful photos! Your paint color is great! I may need to write that color down...I hate picking paint! Your accessorized dresser looks great there and I love using curtains instead of bifolds! I am going to try and convince hubby to let me in my stamp room!
Have a great day!

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Have you looked into Lollishops to open a shop and sell your items??? You should complete an online application. I believe the fees are less expensive than etsy and way cheaper than ebay. Also it is easier to list.
smiles DarLy*~

preservecottage said...

I adore everything you sew for your girls!

a day in the life of bella said...

That top is sooooo darling, you are oozing with talent!

So very nice to meet you,