Saturday, August 30, 2008

we've been lounging around...

Yeah, right! We just finished the first week of school. My baby went off to kindy!! This picture courtesy of my DS, Vince - as part of a photo shoot he did for an ad for his portfolio. It was a kid's clothing ad and I was happy to supply the clothing as well, lol!

I'm leading Cathrynn's Brownie troop this year. Yikes, the first meeting of leaders was a bit over the top and pretty darn loud, there are some people that are very passionate over the GSA. Now, I have to put my creativity to work and entertain and plan activities for 11 seven year olds. Hints, suggestions and virtual smacks in the head are welcome!

Off to cut fabric at Joanns... ttyl!


Dana said...

I will give you a smack for that! God bless you is all I can say. You crazy mother!

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Nice job Vince...Kelley I can never get enough of your tounge and cheek humor....thanks for the comment...who would ever believe a butthole as big as me could have accomplished that Board job with out being bound in a white coat by my constituents and locked up in a home for the inappropriate obnoxious and hard to