Sunday, November 7, 2010

button up

Probably the best thing I've learned from my pals Stacey & Clinton is that clothes can and should be tailored/altered/updated.  But surely I am the only one who is packing for Paris and sewing buttons on stuff!   I have the best trench coat with the worst buttons - big but cheap clear acrylic.  I have another trench with great lines and buttons but it's uncomfy, and I don't think I can layer enough under it for my plane trip this week. So, I took matters in my own hands.  I raided my stash of mother-a-pearl (that's what my kids call 'em!) and indulged in some of the biggest, best etched ones.  I almost hate to use them, kwim?  But I reminded myself that I can put the old ones back on when the time comes to donate it. Wow that sounds a bit unkind.  I tell you, have a real problem with this button addiction!  It used to chenille, then china with roses, at least buttons are easier to squirrel away! I hofpe to find some cool buttons at the puces de vanves (flea!) I will also be on look-out for any fabric (feedsack!) with french script.  I swear I will leave my clothes in France and return with a suitcase full baubles...In 4 days I'll be on my way.  O M G... so little time, so little space in my suitcase.  I'm going with co-workers who refuse to check luggage and forbid me to as well.  I am going to spend the next days rolling my clothes into tiny jellyrolls and making tough love decisions. I've already broke the news to my black leather that she won't be joining the trip. It's not her fault, she's just too plump, but she's been so many places with me and she deserves a little international trip, she has a nice button, btw.  Just saying. I hope she doesn't notice the new (slim) little leather fashionista that is in the tentative pile.  My meanness knows no boundaries... 

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