Saturday, November 20, 2010


Have you ever met someone IRL that you've spoke to on the phone or emailed and they were nothing like you expected?  Double the letdown if it was a blind date or someone you met online and instantly bonded with, right?

How about the feeling when you meet someone really beautiful but they are simply not nice?
Perhaps those are the emotions I'm processing about Paris. I can't imagine that I would visit Paris but that I would admire her less because of it. 

I'm one of those who are enthralled with the French style, their lifestyles... the elegance.  And I do still love the beauty of Paris.  But the beauty is brittle and sharp.  I came home with a stronger love of all that I have here in the US.  I still love my Paris Apartment style, and I can't explain the awe of seeing Paris' attractions, but I miss the the Paris I thought I knew.

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