Friday, February 11, 2011

If you were me...

If you were me, tonight you'd be in that TGIF slump and sitting around feeling that the end of week messies have won. So you ignore the messy house and instead park yourself in the middle of it all and read blogs.

And that would get you so inspired that you put the final tocuhes on your reclaimed desk chair that has been sitting in the dining room with the trim ripped off and a base coat of paint. And that turns out so well that you go to take a picture on your own blog. But the camera battery is almost dead and you can't upload anything. So you read some blogs. And ignore all the paint and fabric mess in the middle of the floor.

Then you are inspired by some blogs again and you decide that the slip-covered arm chairs - that you really don't have room for and would get rid of if you could haul out yourself in the middle of winter - should have big monograms on them. So you pull out the fabric paints and go to town. And decide they need a new spot in the tiny dining room. So you move all the furniture around. And realize and remember that the house is really messy. So you vacuum, but only the areas relevant to the new furniture flow.

And then, you decide that the furniture looks crappy in the new layout. But you're too tired to move it somewhere else. So you leave it all out. Cause the house is a mess anyways.

Then you flop down on the sofa and curl up with the laptop and read blogs, browse etsy and eBay.

Thank goodness you aren't me cause you'd wake up tomorrow to a messy house, dirty dishes in the sink, stuff everywhere and no clean clothes.

Have a nice weekend!!

1 comment:

LiBBy said...

O the life of a creative semi-genius! Im dying to see the initialed chairs...finally made use of that paint!

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