Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Decor & Food ~ 2011

In this corner, tucked in a patch of thick (real!) grass is one of my favorites - a ~chocolate~ vintage bunny! Olivia planted a 99 cent thrift store shallow ceramic dish with a TON of dollar store grass seed... and about 2-3 weeks later - voila! The rest of this vignette is perched on a pale blue tweed suitcase... a recent antique store find - charming tin eggs in a hand beaded bowl, more warm hues: a ceramic egg in earthy shades, a fabric ribbon completes this tiny display... And then we are back to ALL pale, ALL pastel, lovely Spring hues ~ that I usually identify with Easter decor. I hand embellished these styro eggs a few years ago with vintage millinery effects and sequin, beads... Another recent Spring find - a pretty aqua candle holder... And a wreath I started a few years - from simple egg wooden shapes from the kiddo craft aisle, I added the ~prettiest~ vintage polka dot aqua gift wrap paper, which I added glass glitter to the dots for accents and then I cut out charming Bunny Family graphics. Gee - those were def. done in my SAHM days were I could sit in the craftroom and craft for hours with the girls!!

The shapes had been lost in the chaos of abandoned craft stuff forever...but this year I decided to add crocheted lace to a styro wreath, a kids ribbon scarf, and a pretty ribbon bow with pink button... and I love it!

My pal... Mrs. Bunny Bunny...

I got it just in time for Easter ;) Maybe next year it will see more display time!

I was lucky enough to spend the day with my parents and children - the six of us had a delish dinner that I embarrassed to say that I made not a morsel of! Dad made the perfect paska (Easter Bread)... how's that for perfection! An egg hunt in the front yard... good company - and Olivia's 8th Birthday! And what a trifecta - Her bday, Easter and she lost a tooth = the tooth fairy all in one day! And, this evening, Cathrynn lost a tooth too! The Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy... what a memorable day... hope yours was as well!I'm adding a link to Donna's weekly share-fest... pop in and see the pretties or share your own!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

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