Sunday, April 3, 2011

Profiteroles & Vanilla Crème Chantilly

Confession... Here's a dessert I *successfully* tackled last fall in France. It was glorious - with the popular foil sparkler accessory, pale green wafer leaves, it was an American size portion. On closer look you will notice that Yes, they are creme puffs, which I used to make all the time for entertaining friends. Filled with ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce and whipped creme.

But let me tell you, when my native French co-worker pronounced it, well... it sounded magical and so were the fillings, and the whipped creme. And the texture was just different, just like we can make croissants in the states, until you have one in France you won't believe the difference - especially in the crisp exterior... same here.

On my last trip I had the same thing at another restaurant. The offering was smaller and daintier and topped with O M G... Vanilla Crème Chantilly. (no picture as that same Frenchman may not have been able to handle the embarrassement of my camera again!)

I am a tea drinker in the states, but LOVE their tiny little after dinner coffee - so different - strong but not bitter. And who doesn't love the wrapped sugar cubes - wish that would catch on here!

Yummmmeeee. More French inspiration... I'm linking to The French Cupboard... check it out!

And here's my reality check, I start The Biggest Loser contest work with my department in work. Last year they decided not to let this middle-aged, dessert loving gal in on the competition due to known lack of willpower. I am determined to do it for health and personal reasons, and occassionally have a dessert like this on special occasion. So I will ALWAYS have one when I'm in France! Maybe I'll share next time...

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LiBBy said...

Ha! The co-workers do not know the Kelley who lived off of 2 pieces of popcorn and a thimble of diet Coke! LMAO...Be safely you crazy American!