Sunday, February 17, 2013

thift store score!

It was a weekend of relatively no crafting, no new sewing projects, no cleaning and not even laundry, if I do tell on myself!  But I did treat myself to a trip to Pat Catans and the thrift store next door, and hit the mother load of thread.  Obviously, someone had purchased a bit more than they needed, wink wink.  I can sooooo relate.  Although, I am always buying fabric, trims, beads and baubles, and loathe having to buy thread at $3+ a spool. So, to find all this - and not old musty, musky, smelly or dryrotted - it was an exceptional day!  And, drum roll please - the whole lot was 5 bags at $3.99 each! Oh happy day! 
 And, I noticed that my next post will be my 300th blog post!  It may seem incredible since I spread it over the last six years - but none the less - I shall celebrate and have a GIVE AWAY of a handmade purse.  All you'll have to do is post here or on my new Facebook page. Tell a friend!  The more the merrier!
 It is the perfect way to kick-off the next phase of my sewing and crafting!

 That's all for now... I should do some of my neglected household chores, but instead I shall watch episode 7 of Downton Abbey and ignore the mess! 


Libby Buttons said...

Sweet Cheeses!

Libby Buttons said...

You still up for shopping this weekend?

Libby Buttons said...

LMAO at the captions you put on those photos from todays outing! I am sore. Thank you for saving my live. Thanks again for the bag brimming with goodies!