Thursday, February 7, 2013

I have been gifted!

I was told to prepare for a package of healthy food (I was thinking kale, flaxseed...) to help with healthy eating.  Had I known this was waiting in my mailbox instead, I would have skipped waddled  down there and hugged stalked the mail woman.
My dear friend, Darlie, Libby...(or whatever alias she is going by these days) knew I have been having a lot of family issues lately, and really - I am feeling that middle-age thing - questioning my own life decisions and having both parents AND kids need me.

  And she sent this FAB-U-LOUS gift box full of niceties just for me

And, this B-eautiful barkcloth,
that you will surely be seeing more of soon.
What is incredible is that my friend (let's call her Superwoman!) took the time out of her life to think of me.  I am humbled and thankful for her.  Darlie is a nurse.  I am amazed that anyone does the jobs that nurses do, with the hours they work, and the limited days off, and let's face it - I doubt many of us would do a nurses job for ANY amount of money.   
And what is also so incredible is that Darlie is taking care of her sister, whom I shall refer to as Grace Kelly - because, truly Kelly is that beautiful inside and out, in her fight for her life.  I wish I could give Darlie a shout out her in the blog world because she usually had a blog (or 2!) going with funny snippets from her life in the gorgeous periwinkle (I swear!) cottage, whimsical artwork, stunning garden, animal rescues...but I know she stops by here on occasion, so...thanks Darlie   


belmonili said...

What a wonderful surprise! Thank you for's to a wonderful weekend ahead.

Libby Buttons said...
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