Thursday, February 14, 2013

aqua, pink, black & white

 Last summer we redid a few rooms here in my cozy condo cottage.  I loved what the girls decided on... they share a room here so I wanted them to have unique but coordinating linens and accessories.  I'll share the rest of the details another day... but you can see where the color scheme for this carpet-bag/purse came from!  
this purse has lots and lots of hand beading in many types of beads and baubles.    
On scuptured pink velvet with light aqua silk shantung that is torn for added texture...  and with my favorite vine stitch!
like I did for the huge C for Cathrynn... can't wait to share the finished project soon! 


Heather Kowalski said...

I LOVE the colors of your girls room... thank god we have creating to keep us sane right? always always love your bags! I still have the one I bought from you and I love it so.


Abbey Crafton said...

Wonderful! We love it!
The Ladies of Crafton Abbey

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